We are ever ready to improve the quality of our service. This is one of the most essential elements in the development of our company. We win the market and obtain the trust of consumers not only through the excellent quality of products but also our excellent service, which strengthens the competitiveness and promotes the sales of the company. Anything that contributes to consumers' satisfaction is included in ISO9001 Certification System of Quality. Besides, we insist on treating every consumer individually with technical personnel who offer immediate and direct service. We expect to maximize the interests of consumers through our excellent service.
Service before Selling
Service before selling begins from the first time when marketing personnel get contact with our customers. Then we will offer an all-round technical experience on a single-responsibility-system basis. Marketing from the perspective of customers, explain precautions in product selection and give practical technical consultation, all these ensure that customers can make the most sensible and informed choices in accordance with their specific engineering requirement. Once business cooperation is established, customers will immediately be presented with detailed technical information and drawing. They can expect to enjoy our specialized service from product manufacturing, delivery and installation to the technical support and maintenance during operation process.
Service during Selling
We will set up a special project organization in charging everything concerning customers' order of placement: model selection, modification of original design, examination and approval of technical drawings, selection of technique standards, supply of raw materials, arrangement of production scheme and quality control (including self-inspection, mutual inspection and specialized inspection) in production. Everything is done strictly in accordance with our contracts with customers, state regulations and trade rules. Our effective management system ensures delivery of products on time or ahead of schedule. During the manufacturing process, we send customers timely information as to the progress of production of delivery. Before delivery, we assist customers with service, such as making an inventory, undertaking commissions for shipment, etc.
After-sale Service
Guided by the principle---"Honesty, Perfect, Timely, Immediate", we try to act upon the belief that good after-sale service is the beginning of a successful sale. In order to make sure that users can operate, maintain and take care of the equipment properly, we send our experts to the site of installation and provide face-to-face technical training. During the application of the equipment, users are sure to have our immediate reply through emergency service of staff or technical support from telephone or on-line service. We visit customers regularly and provide preferential spare parts of the products on a long-term basis. In addition, we give assistance to users with their annual examination and help solve problems during the process.